The Somatic Experiencing is a tool that allows the nervous system to release the energy that was blocked after a trauma.

Trauma is part of life and healing through the body. The somatic experiencing uses the concept of felt sense to recontact a form of memory embedded in our bodies.

By creating a world of confidence thanks to a connection with the therapist and using resources that the patient will be able to separate fear and freeze by releasing gradually the blocked energy.

You will feel not only recovered from your trauma and its symptoms but you will feel much more alive, spontaneous, more in touch with yourself and others.

The somatic experiencing is complementary reflexology and brings another dimension to the body work.

What is somatic experiencing ?

This method introduced by Dr. Peter Levine is based on the observation of wild animals, rarely traumatized although they lead a life full of danger.

This innate process allows them to easily take the course of their normal life after living a life threatening danger. Humans also have this innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma but it is blocked by their highly developed rational brain.

This is because of the malfunction of this instinctual exit mechanism that humans experience trauma. The trauma is not in the event itself, but in the nervous system of the person who experienced it.

The key to treating trauma lies in the ability to imitate wild animals by discharging the energy remaining in the body.