What is insomnia ?

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder characterised by a difficulty to fall asleep, waking up often during the night or having trouble going back to sleep.

Causes of insomnia

Reflexology for insomniaThe cause of insomnia can be physical as well as psychological . Anxiety and chronic stress very often cause disturbed sleep . In chinese médicine it is considered as an imbalance of the fire élément and I have noticed in my practice that many people suffering from insomnia have a disturbed Small intestine with bloating causing anxiety and therefore sleeping problems.

Reflexology for insomnia

Reflexology will help you clear away the stress of everyday life, your body will respond with increasing mental and physical clarity.

The hormonal system

Working the hormonal system is important and most particularly the pituitary gland as it is the master gland that influences all the other hormonal glands.

Another important gland to work on is the pinéal gland which main hormone is the melatonin helping us to sleep. Maintaining a balanced level of that gland will help get healthy sleep.

Important reflexes are the back, the neck, the solar plexus,the side of the head to relieve congestion in the areas supplying blood to the pituiatary gland but also clearing away imbalances in any system of the body will help to be more relaxed and sleep better