The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It originates in the sacral plexus, out of the pelvis and down to the heel. Several causes can lead to very painful inflammation of this nerve: the displacement of the lumbar vertebrae, but also constipation, bloating in the intestines.

The pain in the lower back are located on the top of the buttocks, along the thighs, but also in the knees. The most common cause is that the problem of vertebrae but in my professional experience I have seen many cases of sciatica related to intestinal problems as revealed by the feet.

Reflexology can quickly relieve sciatic nerve pain sometimes in a single session.

Reflexes are slightly outward from the centre of the heel. If you press hard enough, you will find it quickly as inflammation of this nerve causes severe pain. The second point is located on the outer malleolus of each foot and also along the Achilles tendon up to the knee.