Advice in Naturopathy is essential to accompany reflexology. Reflexology can detect which organs and which body parts are tense and relieve these points by exerting pressure on them. In order to treat the problem in depth and achieve long-term effects, it is important to complement reflexology by naturopathic advice.

In Africa, I worked closely with an Indian naturopath from which I got my inspiration to heal by stimulating the natural healing power of the body. I later gained experience working in Kibera, Nairobi (Kenya) with a nutritionist, a naturopath and a homeopath which allowed me to put these principles into practice and to understand the extent of the bodies’ self-healing power through simple and natural solutions.

During my sessions I always give naturopathic advice depending on the blockages I encounter on the feet, hands, and ears. For example, if the sinuses are tender, I will inform myself on the consumption of wheat and dairy products as they stimulate the production of mucus in the body, and therefore can often be the cause of the blockage in the sinuses. Symptoms and pain are a way for the body to send signals concerning the nature of the problem encountered.