Cathy Chapal réflexologue paris

I have been practicing Reflexology for the past 15 years.

During the few years I spent in Africa, I practiced regularly and developed my expertise within local communities.
I worked in collaboration with an indian naturopath and learned a lot about the bodies natural healing power.
We taught together for the Bayly School of Reflexology in order to develop this technique amongst people lacking resources.

My various expériences in different cultures as well as my particular interest in people’s wellbeing, have allowed me to develop a good understanding of my patients. Furthermore my expériences have confirmed my conviction that the mind and the body are closely linked. It is with this understanding that I am able to help each patient depending on their specific needs.

The teachings I received in naturopathy, homeopathy and somatic experincing allow me to broaden my approach in order to help you find physical and emotional well-being.

  • Reflexology, « Bayly School of Reflexology » GB, 1994
  • Naturopathy « Naturopathy and Yoga centre » Dr Arvind Pathak, Nairobi, Kenya, 2000
  • Reflexologie, Academy of South Africa 2002
  • Homeopathy, Diploma « British Institute of Homeopathy » GB, 2006
  • Ear and foot reflexology : « Faculté libre des médecines naturelles et d’Ethnomédecine » Paris, 2010
  • Somatic Experiencing practioner 2012
  • « L’énergétique chinoise appliquée à la réflexologie plantaire » Mireille Meunier , 2016
  • « Reflexology for women’s health » Hagar Basis, Juin 2017
  • « Focused Reflexology » Tony Porter, Septembre 2017
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French

Cathy Chapal

Member of the APFSE “Association of French practitioners in Somatic experiencing”
Siret N°: 515 047 504 00029